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Security Services

Security Services
Friday, February 25, 2022

● 24 hour immediate surgery

At each alarm signal we receive, in Kerveros Hellas Security Signal Receiving Center is immediately dispatched to the scene to determine the cause of the alarm and follows the required actions.

● Connect to a 24-hour Signal Receiving Center

By connecting to our center, we have the opportunity to receive your alarm signal and to mobilize in time after we notify you and make sure of your safety.

● Installation of security alarms

We install in cooperation with special alarm systems and top quality cameras related to the security of premises, facilities, buildings, construction sites and all kinds of targets, such as alarm systems, fire detection and fire protection systems and electronic audio and video surveillance (CCTV) systems.

● Static guards and patrols with a trained dog.

Patrols are carried out throughout the day in our areas of responsibility, checking anything suspicious. We undertake static guarding in order to protect each property and adapt to the needs of the space. Our vehicles bring trained dogs either on our own initiative or following the marking and desire of the customer.

● VIP escorts

The escort service - security of high natural persons is characterized by discretion and efficiency. It is a service with extremely high demands, as it concerns the life and physical integrity of people. Our goal and primary concern of our company is for the guarded person to reach his destination safely.

● Guarding real estate and businesses

Kerveros Hellas Security undertakes all kinds of security such as settlements, businesses, shops, facilities, events, concerts, etc., working in groups and discreetly to achieve an even and safe result.

● Guarding photovoltaic parks (Solar panels)

We have organized a special program for safety and protection from possible dangers by installing electronic surveillance systems of perimeter protection (in cooperation with cameras and motion sensors) as well as automatic access control systems. An operational guard and protection study is being prepared, which is combined with an additional protection program with patrols even in inaccessible areas.

We provide security services for:

We provide security services for:
Friday, February 25, 2022

★ Houses
★ Retail stores
★ Offices
★ Shopping centers
★ Hotels
★ Banks
★ Schools
★ Industrial facilities
★ Warehouses
★ Photovoltaic parks
★ Hospitals Clinics
★ Public Services
★ Airports, Ports, KTEL Stations
★ Sports events
★ Cultural and scientific events
★ Exhibitions
★ Protection of facilities against vandalism, theft, as well as the protection of individuals and workers.

Days & Hours of Service

Monday to Sunday 24 hours Open

Kerveros Security Hellas
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